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White cabinets continue to be one of the most sought-after of all types of cabinet colors. Yet, for 2020, there are many ways to personalized and even bring to life these cabinets in new ways. Cabinet refacing trends are growing in importance, specifically. That is, taking your existing cabinets and changing them up to new and interesting looks and textures is a must.

Here’s a list of some of the most interesting cabinet refacing trends we’re seeing today. Which one of these can add the charm you need for your home?

Natural Elements in the Kitchen

People love nature and doing the right thing to protect the planet. That’s why we are seeing more kitchens with natural features throughout them. That includes the cabinetry. It’s easy to see this with more natural colors entering the mix. You may be able to compliment your new kitchen hardware with matching stools – all with a tan, bamboo-like look to them. You can complement this even further with some added shelves in the space to match the coloring of the hardware. Go with a natural, rather than a modern look.

Pops of Color Work

Another fun trend for kitchen cabinet refacing is adding more color. As noted, white cabinets are still the most popular option. Yet, you can add pops of color in various ways. For example, consider a few cabinet doors or drawers in an offsetting color – that lets the white stand out but also adds more vibrancy to the kitchen. You can add color to other areas of your cabinets, too. Once you use cabinet refacing to get the beautiful white in place, you can then add bright red, blue, or other colors to the hardware, hinges, or even the countertops.

Added Functionality Is Critical

Kitchen cabinet refacing is one of the best ways to turn your boring kitchen into a new space. But don’t settle for just the same style and look. Add in more functionality. For example, you’ll see a lot more open shelving or clear, glass doors on kitchens. This makes using your kitchen a bit easier. This trend goes beyond the cabinets, too. For example, you’ll see more exposed shelving throughout kitchens, more storage solutions for ingredients, and lots of bright light. As more people are staying home and cooking their meals, it has become even more important for kitchens to be as functional as possible.

More Countertop Space

One of the most common misconceptions of using cabinet refacing is that you are limited to the type of cabinets already present. That is not necessarily the case. Some of the best professional cabinet refacing companies can help you to add more storage, more cabinets, and more countertop space with it. You can add in the island that you want – perhaps the best way to make your kitchen as functional as possible. You can add in a few more hanging cabinets to the kitchen. If adding more to your kitchen is an option with the space you have, this is an excellent way to update your kitchen as you reface your cabinets themselves.

Rustic Charm for Kitchens

While the stark white cabinets remain such a big trend, there’s also more of a change towards rustic kitchen spaces. Consider, for example, adding more exposed beams to the kitchen. Choose a handmade table for the space. You can even incorporate some rustic-looking stools for your countertops.

When it comes to cabinet refacing, you can continue the rustic charm here, too. Consider more of a wood grain look to the cabinet doors and frame. You can choose a distinct wood color or grain pattern that you love. Then, match that in your flooring or countertops to complete the overall rustic look. Just because it looks older and worn doesn’t mean it actually is.

Mixing Kitchen Metals

Another fun cabinet refacing trend is the use of a mixture of kitchen metals. You do not have to have everything in your kitchen matching! That doesn’t add any charm. For 2020, we’re focused on more of a mix of metals throughout the kitchen. This includes everything from the sink and faucet to the hardware on your kitchen drawers. You can change up the metal from matching appliances, lighting, or other surfaces in your space, too. Choose a different metal for your cabinet hardware than you do for your faucet, for example. This allows for more character and interest to be added to your home.

Texture Is Welcomed

It used to be very common for all kitchen surfaces to have the same, basic smooth texture. Anything that was different didn’t feel right. In 2020, we are seeing just how important it is to incorporate more texture into any kitchen space. You can do this in various ways. For example, there are some cabinet refacing options that add a wood grain or other type of texture to your cabinets. That’s just one option, though.

Incorporate texture in other ways as well. For example, add a few wicker baskets to the kitchen’s design. Incorporate some natural wood into the space. Choose that smooth, granite countertop but then go with a rustic, butcher block countertop near your food prep area. There are many ways for you to add charm and interest to your kitchen just using texture.

Don’t Overlook the Kitchen’s Ceiling

As you take in these kitchen cabinet trends, don’t forget the ceiling! Kitchen ceilings have become one of the best areas to change things up in the space. Perhaps you are going with the trend of transforming your older cabinets with cabinet refacing. You want that white cabinet look that is so popular. Use your ceiling as a way to add more texture and color. Some kitchens in 2020 are doing this in drastic ways – painting the ceiling a stark, contrasting color (even black!) Others are adding texture by using wooden planks or beams to the kitchen space. This is an excellent way to ground the space and to make it feel special.

Add in Color Slowly

While we often say “pops of color”, that is not always the right choice for everyone. One of the more subtle options for 2020 kitchen trends is to add in color a bit more slowly. Instead of pops, you’ll get hints of color. For example, you may add in a different shade of color to some of the cabinets. You could also change up the color on your island compared to the rest of the cabinetry.

One thing is for sure – kitchens need updating. These 2020 cabinet refacing trends are some of the best ways to get a like-new look in no time. Which one works for you?

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