Updating your kitchen means creating a beautiful, finished look. At Cabinet Trends Refacing, we work with you to do more than just reface your cabinetry. We also provide full kitchen countertops. It is possible to maintain your existing countertops in some situations. However, many of our clients want the look and feel of new countertops. We install all types for you.

Available Countertop Materials

Cabinet Trends Refacing provides all types of kitchen counter tops for homes. You can choose from some of the very best in granite, marble, quartzite, and quartz. We highly recommend taking a look at a variety of different countertop options to see which one appeals to you.

When you invest in beautiful, new countertops for your home, you get exceptional results. New countertops that are professionally designed and installed for you add value to the kitchen while also enhancing the character and style of your kitchen. Whether you want the impressive look of marble countertops or you want the character of granite countertops, we can help you.

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Free In-Home Measuring Provided

Once you have an idea of what type of countertop is right for your home, we’ll come to you and provide a complete, free in-home measurement for you. This is a critical process. It ensures the countertops are properly selected and sized to fit your needs. Because we want to ensure the slab of concrete is sized and cut properly – we only get one try at it – it is critical that we have these very precise measurements in place.

After completing the measurement process, we then use professional software to shape the countertops from the stone you’ve selected. Keep in mind that you can choose a variety of different types of countertop materials as well as styles. You’ll get to choose the type of edging right for your home, too. There is no limit to the range of detail you will find here.

We Go to Work for You

After your countertops are planned, designed, and cut, our team handles the installation as well. This is done very carefully with exceptional attention to detail. We will carefully ensure your countertops are positioned properly to ensure they are completely stable and level. A part of this is done by properly balancing your cabinets to ensure they are secure and strong enough to hold your countertops.

Choose Your Stone with Care

Cabinet Refacing Trends provides you with access to all types of countertops. That includes marble countertops, stunning granite countertops, and quartzite and quartz, two of the most common options selected today. We aim to get your stone from the quarry to the kitchen as effortlessly as possible. Every slab we select for you (or you hand-select in person) is carefully selected to ensure there are no flaws in it.

Professional Countertop Installation

After completing the cut, our licensed and insured professionals install the countertop for you. Keep in mind this must be done precisely to ensure it remains well balanced and secure.

You also may want to ask us about adding a backsplash. You can choose other tiles or the same natural stone you’ve selected for your countertops. Our professionals – who have years of experience – will install them for you.

Complete Your Cabinet Refacing Remodel with New Countertops Today

As fully licensed and insured contractors, you can depend on Cabinet Refacing Trends for your next project. Reach out to our team today. Let’s discuss each of the options in stone right for your home – there are dozens of patterns and color options to choose from. Keep in mind these are all-natural stones, so no two pieces are the same. Once you are ready to get started, let our team go to work for you.

After refacing your cabinets and updating the molding in your kitchen, we can install your new countertops in place. This is done with careful attention to detail. When you work with our professionals, you can count on the work to be done properly the first time. The length of time it takes to complete the project is very much dependent on your schedule and getting the slabs cut and ready to go.

Let’s get started today. Contact Cabinet Refacing Trends now to secure your new countertops.


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A wide selection of products and services to suit your project

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