Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing Trends provides our clients with access to the very best products and finished results for all of your bathroom cabinet refacing projects. If your bathroom needs an update, but you don’t want to invest in a new vanity or cabinetry system, don’t! Let our professionals transform your bathroom using refacing methods.

Our process uses the highest quality materials to update your existing cabinetry. We’ll update the look of the cabinet framing to match your current needs or style goals. Then, we’ll replace all of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with brand new components. This is a less invasive process that provides a brand new look without the high cost of replacing all of your cabinets.

Many of our clients haven’t heard of bathroom cabinet refacing. The process is highly reliable and easy to manage, even in a very busy home. The goal of this process is to preserve the existing cabinetry boxes and structural framing of your cabinets. We can update the color and style of them, but the basic frame remains in place.

We then replace the most damaged areas of your cabinets – the doors and drawers – with brand new pieces. This allows for outdated styles or dirty, damaged doors to be replaced in a very easy manner. The end result is, you get a like-new bathroom at a fraction of the cost. Here’s what happens during this process.

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  • You meet with us to give us an idea of what styles and looks you are interested in. You can update your bathroom to be very modern and trendy or very classic – whatever you desire. Choose any color, finish, and material you desire.
  • We remove the cabinet doors and drawers from the existing structure.
  • We properly clean and refinish the fronts and sides of all cabinet boxes. These will match the new look you have selected.
  • We install the new doors and drawers to match. These are brand new and in excellent condition.
  • We then install the existing or updated hardware for your cabinetry. This is another excellent way to change up the look easily.

The entire process of updating your bathroom can take just a matter of days. There is no need to remove all of the cabinet boxes and replace them. You do not have to replace your countertop unless you want to do so. You can ensure the process is done well with every bit of attention to detail paid to this project when you work with our trained professionals.

How Much Does Bathroom Cabinet Refacing Cost?

The cost of bathroom cabinet refacing depends on the size and scope of the project. It will also vary based on the type of material you choose and the finishes selected. Most of the time, you can expect this project to cost, on average, about 50 percent of the cost of replacing your existing cabinets with new ones. That’s a significant savings for results that look as brand new as those cabinets are!

If you are looking for a way to dramatically update your bathroom, so they look brand new – even if they have some areas of damage – speak to our team about your options. You’ll be impressed with the affordability this process offers.

We Offer Three Material Choices

For bathroom cabinet refacing, you can choose between three material options. There are pros and cons to each type (and our team can help you choose if you’re unsure what’s best for your needs). Choose from:

  • Real wood cabinet doors and drawers
  • Rigid Thermofoil (RTF)
  • Acrylic

Once you choose the right material, you then have the ability to select from a wide range of colors and styles. Select from both glazed or unglazed finishes too. We have colors and styles to match just about any look you desire, whether you want your bathroom cabinet to stand out with a pop of color or blend in with other wood tones in the space.

We then match the base and crown moldings in all of our bathroom cabinet refacing jobs. This gives you a brand new look that’s beautiful, modern, and seamless. It will feel as though your bathroom is brand new.

Why Choose Bathroom Cabinet Refacing?

It’s possible to head out and purchase brand new cabinets. What is nothing is really wrong with the structural integrity of your existing cabinets, though? Why replace them? With our products, you are getting:

  • A more efficient process for updating your bathroom
  • A much more cost-effective project for a like-new bathroom
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions you can be proud to add to your home

We encourage you to learn more about the services we offer. Give us a call at Cabinet Refacing Trends of Color Springs now. We’re happy to provide a consultation for you.

Bathroom Cabinet Refacing Is an Eco-Friendly Way to Update Your Kitchen

Updating a bathroom can be environmentally friendly. With bathroom cabinet refacing, we can help you to have a like-new look without putting the planet on the line to do it. With refacing, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of waste disposed of in landfills. This helps to reduce the environmental damage of a home improvement project.

If you want to update your bathroom to make it more appealing or trendy, you can do that easily using our cabinet refacing techniques. You will save money on the project, and you will be doing your part to reduce the amount of material being tossed into the landfill. More so, by reusing your cabinet boxes (the structural components of your cabinets), you are reducing the need to manufacturer more of these, which helps to reduce the formaldehyde used in some from being released into the environment. We can often repurpose your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts to others in need.

Why Trust Our Contractors with Your Bathroom Refacing?

At Cabinet Refacing Trends, we’re dedicated to ensuring you are completely satisfied with the work we provide to you. Our contractors are background-checked and vetted to ensure they are people you can trust. We ensure they pass a stringent set of standards in order to work for our company. Then, we provide them with comprehensive training through an established job training program. We expect the very highest level of workmanship on every project we complete.

With a strong desire to provide superior craftsmanship and a good work ethic to our clients, we are confident you can depend on Cabinet Refacing Trends for all of your bathroom refacing needs.

Put your trust in us and our dedication to the highest standards. Call us today for a consultation and estimate.


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