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Cabinet Refacing in Scottsdale

Anyone who is currently sprucing up or completely remodeling their kitchen in Scottsdale, AZ, should know what cabinet refacing is all about. Even those who aren’t involved in a significant kitchen project often choose to use refacing for their cabinets if their looks are getting a bit dated or stale. Rather than removing and replacing an entire set of entirely functional cabinets, cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, is the perfect alternative for homeowners.

The West’s Most Western Town

Scottsdale, Arizona, is nicknamed “The West’s Most Western Town,” and it’s for a good reason. Even in today’s modern society, the city is filled with reminders of its past as a place where cowboys would drop into town and have a drink or a game of cards at the local saloon. The Scottsdale Jaycees Parada del Sol is offered for a full month every year in the city and brings in hundreds of tourists who want to participate in rodeo events or watch the largest horse-drawn parade in the entire world.

In a city where there’s sunshine about 330 days of the year and winters keep temperatures of around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the city is a beautiful place for anyone who enjoys warmth. Because of that, and all the other perks of the city, Scottsdale is a popular place for people to build their first or second homes.

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Many people head to the city in the winter to get away from the bitter cold and ice in other regions of the United States.

Gorgeous Homes in an Outstanding Environment

Another thing that Scottsdale has going for it is a massive selection of gorgeous homes. While some people associate the area with cookie-cutter suburban houses, the truth is entirely the opposite. The area offers a wide variety of homes with midcentury architecture in the Mediterranean, Tudor Revival, and Spanish styles. Sometimes the only thing that can improve a home is going forward with cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ.

If you aren’t familiar with the variety of homes in the city, here’s a shortlist of some of the most common homes you’ll see while driving or biking on Scottsdale’s streets:

  • Contemporary – Filled with clean lines, minimalist forms, and neutral colors, these homes are inspired by architects like Jack DeBartolo, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Will Bruder. Most of them use simple materials, like glass, wood, and steel, to create a huge impact.
  • Mid Century Modern – There are also tons of homes designed by or in the likeness of architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Al Beadle, and Ralph Haver. These post-World War II architects brought something new into the area. It’s becoming popular to buy these homes and make changes like cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, to give them a modern touch.
  • Spanish Mission – In the northern part of the city are dozens of Spanish Mission homes inspired by the architectural style that was popular in the late 1800s in California. Enclosed courtyards, stucco, and adobe brick are a few things that set these homes apart from others in the city. The suburbs also have many homes with a Spanish Mission feel.
  • Ranch – Those from outside of Scottsdale often think of the place as filled with ranch homes. Open concept and single-story, they have their place in the city with charming details like bright facades and doors. However, there’s far more to the city than just these simple homes. Despite that, ranch homes can benefit from a new interior style using cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ.

Other home types found in Scottsdale include Mediterranean Revival, Hacienda Style, Pueblo Revival, Santa Fe Style, and Territorial Style. Of course, other architectural styles can be found, but these are the most distinctive in the area. Each of them has their own sense of beauty and style, but there are always things that can be done to up the appeal. That’s where cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, comes in.

What Cabinet Refacing is All About

We’ve mentioned cabinet refacing a few times now but we want to define what it is if it’s a new term for you. Cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, involves replacing the drawer fronts and doors of a cabinet and then applying a shiny new veneer over the body of the cabinet. While it isn’t always done, in many cases, cabinet refacing also often involves taking off the old hardware, such as drawer pulls, hinges, and handles, and replacing them with new and innovative options.

How Cabinets in Scottsdale Are Refaced

Before you start thinking about all the hard work that will go into cabinet refacing, it’s good to know that there are dozens of companies that offer cabinet refacing services in Scottsdale. While it’s possible to handle the process on a do-it-yourself basis, it takes a great deal of patience and skill to do it right. It involves purchasing a veneer kit with application materials and wood veneers, making special orders of drawer fronts and doors, and picking out hardware to match the other components.

What to Expect from the Cabinet Refacing Process

Every company offering cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, will have a different process for the work. However, many of the same things will be done no matter who is in charge of the labor. Having an understanding of what the process entails. Below is an essential guide to the process of having cabinets refaced in Scottsdale, AZ. It can guide you through the process and give you an idea of what to expect once you have workers in your home.

Deciding on Details and Design

Cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, can have a range of scopes depending on the changes and modifications that a homeowner wants to make. Some projects are quick and straightforward because the cabinets are in excellent shape and designed to make refacing a simple proposition. In other cases, the job can take more time since a homeowner might wish to add in new cabinetry or modify the cabinets that are already present.

When you work with a contractor providing refacing services, all of the small details will be discussed before work begins. Remember that adding extra cabinets and making significant modifications is likely to increase the cost of the project. To get a full understanding of how long the job will take and how much it will cost, every detail must be examined first. Sometimes, you will even be given drawings or other visual aids to show you how the kitchen will look after the changes are made.

Starting the Cabinet Refacing Process

Once everything is decided about the cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, work can begin. Before work starts, the contractors will protect the countertops, floors, and other essential areas of the space. Also, moldings, drawer fronts, and doors that will be replaced will have to be removed.

Before the refacing experts show up to your home, it’s best to remove everything from the cabinets. While there isn’t much mess involved, there will be sanding happening, so you don’t want your glasses and dishes to get covered in dust and debris while the process is happening. Other than that, as a homeowner, there isn’t much work that needs to be done on your part. The professionals can handle all the hard lifting for you.

Next, the cabinets are going to be prepped so that the new refacing material can be attached. This involves cleaning the cabinets with a unique solution and lightly sanding them so the veneer and skins will adhere properly. In some cases, a wood filler will also be placed on the cabinet frames.

Installing the Veneer, Skins, and Molding

The longest part of the process is the installation. It requires attention to detail and patience on the part of the workers. Skins are cut and then placed on the cabinets using small pin nails and construction adhesive. The veneer is another item used, and it is a thin material for the front frame. It is cut to the correct size from a large sheet to fit the size of your specific cabinets. Before the veneer is put on, an adhesive is applied to ensure the veneer sticks and performs as expected.

Placing All the Hardware and Accessories

After the refacing portion of the job is complete, it’s time for the hardware, doors, drawers, and accessories to be placed. Up until this point, the cabinets may not look aesthetically pleasing, but that will change in a matter of minutes. Homeowners can choose soft closing hinges, add cutlery dividers or trash pullouts, and select other features that meet their cooking needs. In this way, cabinet refacing in Scottsdale, AZ, is the perfect way to revamp a home and make it more beautiful and luxurious than ever before.

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