Cabinet Refacing Denver

Cabinet Refacing Denver

Is cabinet refacing the best way for you to update your kitchen? At Cabinet Refacing Trends, our team specializes in this fast-growing, in-demand way to transform old, outdated kitchens into like-new spaces. If your kitchen isn’t looking its best or you want a new look with cabinet refacing, Denver residents just need to give our team a call. Refacing your cabinets is like giving them a makeover.

The process is far less invasive than other methods of remodeling your kitchen. You do not remove all of the cabinet systems. Rather, we work to change up the look. During this process, our team will remove all of the cabinet doors and drawers from your kitchen. We then focus on the cabinet boxes or the structural component of your cabinets. These are cleaned and updated with a new look to fit your needs. You can choose from a wide range of colors and styles – transforming your old, worn cabinets into like-new versions.

After this, we replace all of the existing doors and drawers with new versions to match the color and style you’ve selected. These are brand new. You can then add new hinges, pulls, and handles to match. In the end, every area of your kitchen cabinets looks like it is a brand new cabinet you just purchased.

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Many of our clients wonder if cabinet refacing is really the right option for you. It’s always best to allow our professionals to come in to provide a full consultation to discuss your options with you. However, there are some clear benefits to this process.


Perhaps the best benefit when it comes to cabinet refacing Denver is that residents love is the lower cost. It can cost as much as 50 percent less than replacing all of your cabinets in your home – sometimes much more than this. If you want a new look in your kitchen, but you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on each custom cabinet, this method offers the solution you need.


Do you want the modern trend in white cabinets even though you have oak-colored cabinets right now? Do you want to have cabinets with a bright color or an interesting finish? With cabinet refacing, it’s possible to create just about any look you want. We place new veneers on your cabinet fronts. You’ll select either a natural wood veneer or RTF veneer for your cabinets. These are placed over the existing structure, transforming it in a moment. Keep in mind, no one can see that it has a veneer on it. It is done with such precision it’s impossible to see them present unless you know they are there.


Most of the damage to kitchen cabinets is on the doors and drawer fronts. During the cabinet refacing process, we remove these for you. We replace them with brand new pieces. They match, perfectly with the veneers that are placed. Again, you have like-new cabinets in a matter of minutes. You also get to choose new hardware for your kitchen cabinets. This includes a wide range of styles to match every other type of metal in the space. Or, you can keep things more eclectic with unique pieces.


Another key advantage of this method is that the entire process is done much faster. We do not have to demolish your kitchen. We do not have to worry about waiting for custom cabinetry to be made or for companies to ship product to use. The process is far faster, which helps most people to see significant improvement in the kitchens within a matter of days to a bit more than a week once the process is underway.


Many people have questions about cabinet refacing. Denver homeowners can rest assured, our team will work with you to ensure the entire process goes well. Here are some of the most common concerns.


You can add in under cabinet lighting to your cabinets if you like. Our team can customize many of the components of your kitchen cabinets to fit your needs. Cabinet lighting is an excellent way to make sure every area of countertop is protected.


One of the nice benefits to cabinet refacing Denver is that residents will find is that you do not have to replace your countertop unless you want to do so. If you want to save money by keeping the existing countertop in place, that’s never a problem unless there are structural concerns.


Sometimes the drawers or the cabinet boxes themselves will have some areas of damage. Sometimes, you may have a bit more damage than is likely able to be fixed. If we cannot fix it, we can replace the cabinet with another one. That doesn’t mean you have to replace all of the cabinets in your kitchen, though.


Once your new cabinets are in place, you probably want the molding throughout the kitchen to match. That’s never a problem. It can be matched to your new cabinets with ease. You can choose from a wide range of options, too.


Do you want to change up the configuration to your kitchen? Perhaps you want to add in another cabinet. You can do this. Our team at Cabinet Refacing Trends can easily update your kitchen’s floor plan to meet your needs in most cases. We are happy to talk to you about those options during a consultation.


It is a hard decision to determine if cabinet refacing is the right option for your needs. You do not have to make a decision right away. Our team is happy to answer your questions and offer a comprehensive consultation. See the product options available to you. Find the wide range of solutions that can fit just about any need you have. The key here is that cabinet refacing gives you a like-new kitchen for a fraction of the cost. It can be affordable enough to do every few years if you want to stay up to date with trends. And, you can trust our team with the process.


At Cabinet Refacing Trends, we take pride in providing our clients with exceptional workmanship and service. We have years of experience providing our clients with exceptional results. We’re also a licensed general contractor. For over 50 years, we’ve worked hard to meet the needs of our clients. Founded in Olympic City USA, Colorado Springs, we’ve worked hard to gain the trust of the community. At Cabinet Refacing Trends, we do it all for you, including refacing and remodeling work. This includes sales as well as designs. We can help you with custom orders, install with exceptional outcomes, and provide you with a full gut-remodel for your kitchen if you like. Are you ready to create a like-new look in your kitchen? Cabinet refacing is the route to take. Our team at Cabinet Refacing Trends is here to help you. When it comes to cabinet refacing Denver residents will not find a better provider available. Contact us today for a quote.


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