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Cabinet Refacing in Pueblo, Colorado: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cabinet Replacement

There are endless numbers of reasons to consider revamping your kitchen cabinets. You might have cabinet doors that are starting to peel. Maybe it’s just a matter of the cabinets being dated in terms of design and wanting a new look when you’re making a delicious meal.

As long as the cabinets are in good condition structurally, there’s no reason to replace them. Cabinet refacing has a ton of benefits, including being much better for the environment than replacement.

Steel City Now and Then: A Town with History and a Dose of Charm

Many historians say that the first permanent building introduced in Colorado was erected in Pueblo by Lt. Pike when he was exploring the area. Not long after, the earliest pioneers in Colorado built Fort Pueblo, a flourishing trading post located right on the Arkansas River banks. When the railroads came in 1872, coal became available and led to this city being known as Steel City.

Pueblo has gone through many changes since then and is now known for the Riverwalk, family-owned cafes, and upscale restaurants. The city is thriving and offers car expos and livestock shows intermingling with art and culture. Many of the city’s neighborhoods are filled with fountains, galleries, live music, museums, and art festivals.

However, the city has not forgotten where it came from. The rebuilt El Pueblo Museum and the Union Avenue Historic District both pay tribute to the city’s history and culture. The city is also dotted with beautiful houses in a wide range of styles, some harkening back to years past and others pulling from modern design trends.


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Why Refacing Cabinets is the Superior Option

Whether you’re planning a massive remodel of the kitchen or just want to change the design a bit, there are two primary options available for cabinets. In Pueblo, CO, homeowners can choose to entirely replace them or have them refaced by a professional. Either of these options helps boost the value and improve the appearance of a kitchen. That’s as far as the similarities go, however.

A refacing project involves adding new veneers to the cabinet surfaces, switching out the doors and drawers, and choosing new hardware and moldings. With solid wood cabinets, refinishing or refacing the cabinets also takes them forward in terms of appearance. This is an inexpensive project compared to cabinet replacement and can save you tons of money. The cabinets also don’t need to be removed, which can cut down on potential damage. As a cap, refacing takes only a few ways to complete.

Installing new cabinets offers all of the benefits above and lets you change the kitchen layout. However, custom cabinets can take weeks or months to create and install. While you can choose semi-custom or stock cabinets, neither of those will have the durability of custom cabinets, so you can’t trust them to last for years. Replacing the cabinets in entirety is only a better option if your cabinets are no longer structurally sound or you want to completely revamp the position of the cabinets. Even then, it takes more time, costs more money, and isn’t as environmentally friendly.

A Green Solution to Modernizing a Dated Kitchen with Cabinet Refacing 

When environmental friendliness is a crucial factor in your decision about a kitchen remodeling project, you can’t do better than cabinet refacing. You might be wondering why this is more friendly than choosing to replace your cabinets, and we have the answers.

The main reason is that when you choose cabinet refacing, the cabinets that are still in great shape stay in your kitchen instead of being sent to a landfill. If there are a couple of cabinets that need to be replaced, it can be done without removing all of them and increasing the project’s waste. Rather than tossing out cabinets that can still be used, why not get the most out of them?

The materials used for the custom fit drawer fronts and doors are often eco-friendly, as well. For instance, MDF (pine fiber) and thermoplastic (PVC) are both top options for these components. PVC is a compound that is created without making pollutant emissions and is also fully recyclable. MDF is made from recycled wood, so it also helps take care of the environment.

Even those who want to use solid wood aren’t doing something adverse to the environment. Solid wood doors and drawers last an extremely long time, so it isn’t as if you’ll be using up dozens of trees to get the cabinet refacing that appeals to you. If you aren’t sure how green the materials will be for your project, ask the company that will be doing the work.

Cabinet Refacing is Available for Any Style of Home or Kitchen

With so many different types of homes in Pueblo, CO, you might wonder if refacing will keep the look and feel you desire. On the other hand, if you want to change the way your kitchen feels completely, you might question whether refacing can help with that. In both cases, the answer is yes; cabinet refacing can give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Since you can choose the material for your doors and drawers, decide on any extras, pick out paint or stains, and select the perfect hardware for your cabinets, refacing works for any style of kitchen in any type of home. Whether you want to keep the look you have now but make it look brand new or go in an entirely new direction, the possibilities are available.

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