Nutrioso Cabinet Refacing

When it involves cabinet refacing, Nutrioso home owners trust the pros at Cabinet Refacing Trends. We urge our clients to welcome a makeover for their kitchen area utilizing this much less invasive and also much more budget friendly procedure.

If you have an older, out-of-date kitchen area and wish you can afford to update it, cabinet refacing is a sensible solution. It may be more readily available than you realize and supplies a variety of options to guarantee you get the design you want.

cabinet refacing vs. Replacing

You might be questioning whether you must totally replace your kitchen cabinets and what the differences are between changing and cabinet refacing. Frequently, property owners will rely on a Nutrioso professional for custom-made cabinets before they consider all of their options. Some property owners may have cabinets in incredibly poor condition that need to be entirely changed. You could be conserving time and cash by just refacing decent condition cabinets.

Kitchen or bathroom cabinet refacing is:

  • Best for those looking to spend less money
  • Ideal for those who do not want a lot of waste in their project
  • Ideal for those who have cabinets in good overall condition
  • An option for those who want to update color, style, texture, or wood-grain looks
  • Flexible enough to allow for new pieces of cabinetry to be added as needed

It Starts with a Consultation

Before you can get your cabinets refaced, our Nutrioso team will provide a complete consultation to discuss your unique needs. You will be able to choose the color, style, and texture of your cabinets as well as all of the hinges and hardware choices. Our team will keep you informed and updated on what is happening every step of the way.

 What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing is the procedure of including a new veneer covering to the fronts of your cabinets. The procedure includes changing all doors and kitchen area drawer fronts with brand-new material, consisting of new hardware. The difference between cabinet refacing and cabinet replacement is that we will not be changing the initial frames for your cabinets, the cabinet boxes.

There are lots of benefits to selecting cabinet refacing for your home or home in Nutrioso. Our clients often use this technique whenever their cabinets are old, out-of-date, or used, however in general decent shape. The process is quick and uses among the very best chances for you to upgrade your kitchen area or restroom with ease.

How Long Will This Process Take?

Specialists will be able to offer an approximated timeframe for cabinet refacing based upon the size and scale of your task, the kind of veneers you select, and any upgrades you plan to include. These jobs can range anywhere from a couple of days to a week or two depending on these various aspects. This is much faster than the month or longer it would require to get rid of and change all of the cabinets in your house with brand new ones.

How Long will Refaced Cabinets Last?

When properly maintained, refaced cabinets can last years or even decades. Homeowners can talk to the professionals about proper maintenance. The team at Cabinet Refacing Trends will help you understand how to minimize moisture risks, mold, and structural damage to your cabinetry to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful look.

Nutrioso Cabinet Refacing – Why this Might be the Right Solution

Cabinet refacing offers many benefits to homeowners, including the following:

  • Cabinet refacing is fast!
    • The team at Cabinet Refacing Trends can often complete a project within a week. That is far faster than having to rip out your kitchen and start over installing new cabinets.
  • Cabinet refacing is affordable!
    • Most often, cabinet refacing costs 50 percent or less than the cost you would pay for a complete remodel.
  • Your cabinets will look like new!
    • You will have a brand new look to your kitchen with simple refacing. You choose the design that fits your style and our team will get to work making your vision a reality.
  • Refacing requires no demolition work!
    • We do not have to remove the kitchen cabinets, which means no costly or messy demolition work.
  • Refacing is an eco-friendly option!
    • Refacing is much more beneficial for the environment than full cabinet replacements. Reduce waste by refacing cabinets instead of tearing out perfectly good frames.
  • You will enjoy outstanding results!
    • No one will be able to tell that you didn’t completely replace all of your kitchen cabinets. We stand by our work and our clients love the look of their new kitchen & bathroom cabinets!

With superior workmanship, we are confident you will find the entire process very easy and worthwhile. At Cabinet Refacing Trends, we work closely with you to ensure the work is done properly from start to finish.

Cabinet Refacing Nutrioso – How Does the Process Work?

The cabinet refacing process is actually pretty simple when you work with an experienced team. We will take every step possible to ensure the work is done properly to give you stylish, updated cabinets that will continue to look good for years to come. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Preparation

The first step of the process includes thorough preparation. We will remove the existing cabinet doors and drawers from your kitchen. We dispose of these – often recycling them for those who need them. The frames remain in place. The cabinet boxes are properly cleaned and prepared. We ensure that all sides will be properly prepped for the process. Good preparation ensures the rest of the process can go smoothly and quickly.

  • New Veneers

After prepping the cabinet frames, our Nutrioso team will then place new veneers on the cabinet boxes. You can choose from a wide range of options at this point, including:

  • Natural wood veneers
    • This is a common option for many homeowners. A wood veneer is a high-quality option that can be made to match the frame with consistent grain patterns. You can transform cabinets from oak to an updated cherry or maple look.
  • Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) veneers
    • Some clients might opt for this veneer, especially for complex door front styles such as arches and cathedral doors. It looks like natural wood and results in a very durable finish.
  • Acrylic
    • Acrylic doors are strong, durable, and resistant to moisture, making them an obvious choice for your bathroom. It is also ideal for high-traffic areas of your kitchen prone to moisture and frequent use.
  • Laminate
    • This is a good option if you are looking for a simplistic change on boxy cabinet fronts with no raised surfaces. Laminate is hard, durable, and available in a variety of design choices.

Once you pick the right material for your kitchen or bathroom, you will be able to select from a range of colors, styles, and finishes.

In all cases, these veneers are placed over the top of the existing cabinet boxes, covering all exposed sides. This is done by a professional to ensure every detail is met. The entire process requires exact workmanship to ensure that they look like brand new cabinets and match the cabinet frame.

  • New Doors and Drawers

Next, our team will place new drawer fronts and doors on the cabinet boxes. These are brand new and will be made in the same style as your veneers to provide a cohesive look. Clients can choose from a wide range of styles to match the aesthetic of their kitchen or bathroom. You may want glass fronts or beautifully detailed work on the cabinetry. This is very easy to do when you choose the doors for the project. Since most of the damage to your kitchen cabinets happens on the drawers and doors, you’ll find that replacing them with new ones is an easy way to get a like-new look.

  • New Hardware

Our next area of focus will be the hardware. Clients can choose from a wide range of material options and styles for this.  In this step, you will choose the color of the metal you like or select wooden handles. You can find pieces to match other metals in your kitchen or choose something a bit more eclectic. Our professional installers will then place the new hardware on your cabinetry. This is an easy way to have some fun with your new kitchen’s look.

  • Updated Hinges

The hinges to your new cabinets are also installed during our comprehensive process to ensure a cohesive look for your “new” cabinets. The hinges can add a new look to your cabinets, or they can be made to match other materials in your current space. You can choose updated hinges that stand out if you like.

This is also a good time to consider soft-close doors to your drawers. These provide two main benefits for homeowners. You will never have to hear another cabinet drawer or door slam, and the soft-closing element will protect your cabinets and drawers from damage due to heavy use.

  • Cabinet Lighting

Now is also a good time to consider updating your cabinet lighting. If you have dark corners to your countertops, new cabinet lighting can fix this. We can install running lights throughout the cabinetry that is both beautiful and functional. Talk to our team about adding lights that focus on countertops and lights within your cabinets to provide soft, functional light to brighten your space and make it easier to go about daily tasks.

  • Molding Updates

Yet another important step in the process will be to update the molding of your kitchen or bathroom to ensure a cohesive look. The toe kick will be updated to match your cabinets. We also update any other molding throughout the kitchen to give you the right look you desire. Because we are using the same or matching material for the molding as your cabinetry, it will look very natural.

  • Countertops

While this is not a required part of the process, many of our clients opt to update their countertops during the cabinet refacing process. If your countertops are in good condition and they are the right style for your kitchen or bathroom update, we will leave them as they are and work safely around them. If you decide to replace them, it could be a convenient time while you are already having work done in your kitchen.

Why Trust Us with Your Project?

A few major benefits of working with us for your cabinet updates include:

  • Free estimates and insurance claim assistance
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your deadlines
  • Competitive prices to fit your budget
  • A wide selection of products and services for every project
  • Full transparency (no hidden charges)

For over 50 years, Cabinet Refacing Trends has worked hard to build a strong reputation in the Nutrioso community for superior workmanship and service. As a licensed general contractor, we specialize in residential cabinet refacing, but we also do a lot of other remodeling work. This includes full remodeling projects, design, and manufacturing of cabinetry. Our team is happy to help you with your small custom order or your large project.

All installers working with us are fully vetted, experienced, and trained. Our team works hard to ensure every person has the skills necessary to ensure the very best results. If you are looking for a way to update your kitchen, Cabinet Refacing Trends is the trusted choice.

cabinet refacing Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Beyond simple cabinet refacing, we are the premier choice for all of your kitchen remodeling needs in cabinet refacing. We provide full kitchen demolition and custom remodeling services including design, specialized cabinets, countertops, flooring repair, ceiling work, and everything else you need.

As a licensed and insured bathroom remodeling contractor, our team of professionals can demolish your existing bathroom and update every aspect to match your vision.

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