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Enjoy the Extraordinary Benefits of Cabinet Refacing in Monument, Colorado

Are you planning to renovate or modernize your kitchen in the future? As a homeowner in Monument, CO, it’s essential to know your options. Instead of replacing all of your cabinets, which can get expensive quickly, cabinet refacing lets you change the look and style of the existing cabinets you already own. If you have a set of fully functional cabinets, you can switch up your kitchen look for much less by choosing cabinet refacing in Monument, CO.

Monument, Colorado: Where History Can Still Be Experienced

Located just between Colorado Springs and Denver, the town of Monument features beautiful views of Pikes Peak and rolling dry hills. It’s near the United States Air Force Academy and Pike National Forest in the Tri-Lakes area. Residents and visitors can get access to the most famous regions of Colorado using Interstate 25.

Downtown Monument is a historic space with charming destinations like toy stores, antique shops, a folk art gallery, and even a Victorian tea house. There are many recreational areas in the town and the communities nearby. The Santa Fe Regional Trail goes south through Monument and follows part of the old Atkinson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad. As one of the most extensive trails in the county, it offers space for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. It also supports snowshoers and skiers in the colder months.


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Cabinet Refacing vs. Cabinet Replacement 

Homeowners in Monument, CO, who have cabinets that have been around for a decade or more may still get functional use out of them but won’t always find them as aesthetically pleasing as they used to be. One option is to have entirely new cabinets built and placed in the kitchen, while the other involves sprucing up the cabinets’ appearance through refacing. This makes use of the existing framework while giving you a chance to enjoy a more modern look.

  • Project Time Frame – During cabinet refacing, new doors and hardware are installed onto cabinet frames using a matching plastic or wood veneer. Typically, you can expect the process to take from two to four days. This varies based on whether additional cabinets are being installed and how large the kitchen is. Refacing may require one or two experts who remove the drawer fronts and doors before replacing them with new versions. On the other hand, cabinet replacement can take weeks or months.
  • Cost of the Project – Assuming you want the best cabinets for your home in Monument, CO, it can add up in price quickly. If you’re considering contractor-grade cabinet replacement, the process could add up to tens of thousands of dollars in materials and labor. For functional cabinets, refacing can make them just as good as new cabinets. It also saves a lot of money since refacing is typically 40 to 50% less expensive than replacement.
  • Availability of Professional Work – Cabinet replacement tends to be a project that many different companies and individuals offer. This has pros and cons since more options mean additional research, but it also means someone can handle the project. There are fewer companies that focus on refacing cabinets, but this isn’t an issue in the Monument, CO, area. Experts can handle refacing your kitchen cabinets while saving you time and money.
  • Degree of Eco-Friendliness – Unfortunately, when cabinet replacement projects happen, the old cabinets often end up in the landfill, taking up space. In some cases, cabinets in good shape can be donated, but there may not be many other options. With cabinet refacing, the only items that are removed as the drawer fronts and cabinet doors. This makes refacing the most eco-friendly option when compared to replacement.

The Best Situations to Choose Cabinet Refacing in Monument, CO 

In many cases, cabinet refacing is an excellent option compared to cabinet replacement. There are several situations where it makes a better option. However, there are some situations where replacement makes more sense. Below is information to help you, as a homeowner, decide which is right for their needs.

Cabinet replacement is the best choice if the cabinets are no longer functional. If the cabinets are in bad shape, refacing them will not take care of any of the structural issues present. In some cases, individuals also find that having new cabinets installed works best to create a new kitchen layout or a full kitchen remodel. New homes will also need entire cabinets installed since there aren’t any there to be refaced.

On the other hand, cabinet refacing also has its place in the homes of Monument. If the cabinet boxes are still in good shape, refacing will be less expensive and just as capable of creating a better kitchen aesthetic. It works well if you enjoy the layout you currently have in your kitchen, and you’re remodeling a kitchen instead of building a home. Cabinet refacing is also the superior option when you want to save money.

What Cabinet Refacing Entails 

As you’ve probably noticed, cabinet refacing offers the best value for your money when working with functioning cabinets. It’s also a more straightforward project for companies to undertake on your behalf. The steps involved in refacing cabinets are listed below.

  1. Drawer fronts and cabinet doors are removed so that only the cabinet boxes are visible.
  2. The outer edge of the cabinet boxes is refinished to match the drawer fronts and doors you select.
  3. New drawer fronts, doors, and cabinet hardware are all installed.
  4. Additional items like countertops, backsplashes, and lighting can be added if desired.
  5. The kitchen is cleaned up and protective coverings are removed so you can use your refaced cabinets.

How to Get Your Cabinet Refacing Project Started 

Cabinet Refacing Trends can be found in Monument, CO, and offers competitive pricing on cabinet refinishing services and products. If you’re ready to get started with your cabinet refacing project, we offer flexible scheduling to work with your needs and fully transparent prices. You can learn more and share your project with us through our contact form!


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