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Everything Cabinet Refacing in Fort Collins, Colorado, Offers a Homeowner

Those who are reading this are probably already aware that their kitchen design isn’t working as well as it used to. Maybe that’s because your cabinets’ colors are no longer exciting for you or you’ve decided you want a stain instead of paint. It could be because you want some shiny new hardware to breathe life back into your cabinets and the kitchen itself. Regardless of the reason, cabinet refacing in Fort Collins, CO, has all your needs covered.

A Welcoming City with Tons of Charm: Fort Collins, Colorado

Situated just a short drive north of Denver, Fort Collins is a lively town filled with boutique shopping destinations, restaurants with cuisine from around the world, and an awe-inspiring nightlife for those long evenings after work. The city has 300 days a year filled with sunshine and is located near pristine rivers, mountains capped with snow, and peaceful lakes. This is the kind of place where residents and tourists can enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Downtown is a gorgeous space with bright flowers, friendly locals, cobblestone walkways, and restored historical buildings that make the space feel alive. With unique recreation options, plenty of entertainment locations, and innovative cultural destinations, it’s a city that holds its own against the others in the state. It’s also filled with unique home architecture that makes leisurely walks around the city more impressive than you might expect.

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The Basics Behind Fort Collins Cabinet Refacing 

A cabinet refacing project lets you reinforce your cabinet frames and give them a completely new look and feel. The drawers and doors can be changed out for models that fit your needs in colors that draw you to the kitchen. In addition to that, refacing professionals can also make changes to the knobs, hinges, pulls, and molding on your cabinets to solidify the change and bring everything together in a cohesive manner.

The first step of cabinet refacing involves the drawers and doors being removed from the cabinet boxes so that the space is prepared for further work. In some cases, new laminates and veneers are placed on the cabinet frames to make them more durable and capable of taking abuse. After that, new drawers and doors will be installed to match the cabinet structure. Then all new hardware and hinges are installed to complete the process.

What Fort Collins, CO, Cabinet Refacing Has to Offer

With a vast selection of cabinet doors made of everything from wood, laminate, and glass-insert styles, homeowners can use cabinet refacing to elevate a kitchen from outdated to modern while keeping a contemporary or transitional style. Choose cabinet doors made of solid wood in your favorite stain or glaze to create gorgeous hues that will fit into your existing or new color palette in the kitchen. With maintenance-free options, you get durability and more time to spend on things you enjoy rather than required tasks.

Potential to Create Better Functioning Cabinets in the Kitchen 

In addition to changing the style and design of a kitchen for everyone in the home (and all your visitors), cabinet refacing doesn’t limit the level of functionality in the heart of your home. While the original cabinets are retained and redesigned to meet your needs, that doesn’t mean you can’t use inspiration and creativity. Consider creating a kitchen peninsula or island to define the space and give you extra room for dining or serving. Add open shelving to existing cabinets for better functioning storage that serves as a focal point.

Enjoy the Best of Modern Drawers, Doors, and More with Refacing 

As the years go by, more door colors and styles come onto the market. This gives you endless amounts of possibilities for the foundation of the kitchen. However, remember that what’s found in the drawers and doors can also create a transformation. Refacing lets you remodel things that aren’t working correctly for you so that you’ll want to spend more time in the kitchen. Many people aren’t aware of how refacing can let you switch out doors and drawers within cabinet boxes at an affordable price. The process also takes only a fraction of the time that it would to create and install entirely new cabinets.

Potential to Add Enhanced Storage Solutions 

As a homeowner, you want a kitchen that is customized to reflect your lifestyle. Add items like peg systems to keep mugs, plates, and bowls accessible and neat. Include drawer inserts to customize the way your cutlery and spices are organized for efficiency. Everything from lazy Susans to cookware organizers and roll-out drawers can be added to your refacing project to totally revolutionize the way your kitchen is used.

How Cabinet Refacing Can Help Overcome Design Challenges 

When you choose cabinet refacing, it offers a fantastic kitchen transformation without spending tons of money on new cabinetry. Refacing will keep your current kitchen layout but can spruce things up if you choose to add a peninsula, an island, or extra cabinets. If your cabinets are too short, refacing can also be done while increasing the height at the same time. You get the chance to solve organization issues with refacing and have access to accessibility options to ensure the space is right for you.

Catch Everyone’s Eyes When Selecting Fort Collins, CO, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing 

Replacing cabinets used to be the only option when homeowners wanted to change the design of their kitchen. Refacing has altered the landscape and made it quicker and less expensive to get the cabinets you’ve been dreaming of for your home. As long as the cabinet boxes are in good shape, it’s the perfect solution for refreshing your kitchen and making it everything you want it to be.

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