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Exceptional Reasons to Choose Cabinet Refacing in Castle Rock, Colorado

Cabinet refacing is a sustainable, affordable alternative to cabinet replacement for individuals in Castle Rock, Colorado. Refacing can be done in any kitchen that needs to be remodeled and works well to change the space’s aesthetic. Instead of spending a lot of money on all new cabinets, refacing will make your existing cabinets look like they were just installed yesterday. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners in Castle Rock, CO, who want a kitchen that looks and feels brand new.

The Heart of East Plum Creek Valley

Castle Rock, Colorado, was initially settled during the 1870s and is a gorgeous city surrounded by breathtaking buttes with fantastic views of the Rocky Mountains. The city got its name from the unique rock formation overlooking it, but the discovery of rhyolite stone is what really put it on the map. While the city has grown and changed since the early days, it still retains much of its old-world charm.

Nowadays, the city has more than 70,000 residents and tons of outdoor adventures to appreciate. Castle Rock has 50 parks, 87 miles of trails, and more than 6,000 acres of open space for residents and tourists alike. The area also focuses on the community with a traditional downtown area and tons of community events throughout the year. Castle Rock is also known for its diversity in homes, making it a great place for homeowners.

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What Takes Place During Cabinet Refacing 

Cabinet refacing is a project that can be done when your cabinets are structurally sound, but the look is no longer resonating with the homeowner. It can be thought of in a similar way to giving a car a paint job if you hate the color instead of buying a whole new vehicle. Rather than replacing the entire cabinet, it can be refaced to offer a modern, fresh aesthetic.

During cabinet refacing, the drawer fronts and doors are removed from the cabinets. Next, a veneer is placed over the surface of the cabinet. The hinges, drawer pulls, and handles can also be replaced during the refacing process. A professional can typically do the job in two to four days, depending on how much work needs to be done.

The Top Reasons to Consider Cabinet Refacing 

If the cabinets in your Castle Rock, CO, home are looking a bit dated, refacing them is an alternative to replacing them. Many people don’t know this is an option and spend too much on entirely new cabinets. There are many reasons to consider refacing instead, including:

  • Lower Cost – One of the top reasons to choose cabinet refacing over replacement is because it’s much more affordable. Your cabinets’ structure isn’t changed, but the components like doors and handles that face you are freshened up. This can make your home kitchen look like it has 100% new cabinets while spending less. On average, you’ll save about 60% of the cost you would pay if you chose cabinet replacement.
  • Takes Less Time – Having new cabinets created and installed can take a lot of time. If you’re not patient, cabinet refacing is a solid choice since it can be done quickly. The average cabinet refacing process can be completed in less than a week. If you were to choose to have custom cabinets made, it could take a month or longer. Refacing is the superior option when you want a change now.
  • A Cleaner Process – Many projects that improve the look of your home can create a giant mess. You might need to deal with plastic tarps all over the place, sawdust that needs to be swept up, and all sorts of other things. Since the cabinets aren’t entirely removed during refacing, it’s one of the cleaner projects that can be done in your home. On top of that, experts who do this kind of work will clean up the space every day so you can continue to use it.
  • Offers Top Convenience – Having a kitchen that you can’t use, even for a day, can be highly challenging and frustrating. When you have the cabinets entirely replaced, you could be dealing with a lack of a kitchen for weeks on end. When you have cabinet refacing done, this isn’t an issue you have to concern yourself with. In most cases, the kitchen can continue to be used through the restoration process.
  • Eco-Friendly Opportunity – If you care about the environment, cabinet refacing is a better choice than cabinet replacement. For one thing, the cabinets themselves aren’t being removed and placed in a landfill. There are also many options for the materials used in refacing, so you can pick eco-friendly or local lumber and other parts. Refacing is the best option when it comes to eco-friendly practices.
  • Vast Numbers of Choices – When you choose cabinet refacing, you can use any materials and styles on the market. That means hundreds of stain colors, door materials, door handles, and knobs are available for you to choose from. Other options include adding additional cabinets, incorporating an island, or placing new countertops. Whatever you want to see in your kitchen can happen along with cabinet refacing.

When you put all of these factors into the mix, it’s no surprise that those in Castle Rock, CO, who know about refacing are likely to choose it over cabinet replacement. It has a ton of benefits, including saving you both money and time. 

Cabinet Refacing: The Best Alternative to Cabinet Replacement 

When you work with professionals to have your cabinets replaced, you get a ton of benefits. The most work you’ll need to do is taking everything out of your cabinets. Save money, enjoy free time, and get the kitchen of your dream by refacing instead of replacing.

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