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Many homeowners would describe their kitchens as the central hub of the home, which makes sense as families often spend more than a thousand hours there every year. Renovating a kitchen can be exciting for that reason, especially in regard to cabinetry. Instead of completely removing the existing cabinets, many people are now choosing cabinet refacing instead. Refacing and refinishing can transform the look of your kitchen at a lower price than a full replacement.

The Berkeley of the Rockies

Boulder, CO, has the nickname the Berkeley of the Rockies and carries a special place in the heart of everyone who lives there. It’s been called the Happiest City in the United States by none other than National Geographic magazine. The gorgeous city is about 25 miles from Denver and offers an excellent climate, fantastic scenery, and a charming downtown area.

This location is also a fabulous place for those who want to enjoy nature and adventure. The Flatirons are a set of sandstone formations with plenty of land to hike and hills to climb. Chautauqua Park is another popular place to walk or ride a bike while taking in views of the nearby mountains.

Boulder also has a variety of home architecture styles ranging from Victorian to craftsman, mid-century modern, ranch, brutalism, mountain style, and contemporary. There’s a place for the type of person who wants to indulge in historic charm as well as those who don’t want to let go of modern life comforts.

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Cabinet Refacing is the Perfect Alternative to Replacement

Homeowners who have structurally sound cabinets don’t need to spend extra money replacing them when cabinet refacing is an option. With replacement, the entire cabinet is removed and replaced with a new one. Refacing involves removing the drawers and doors of a cabinet and replacing them along with new hardware. It’s not just less expensive, either. It takes less time and is more eco-friendly than cabinet replacement.

Why Professional Cabinet Refacing is the Top Option 

There are many kitchen renovation projects that can be done on a do-it-yourself basis, but it’s not the best choice for cabinet refacing. While cleaning and repainting the wood is part of it, the job doesn’t end there. Other considerations include what sort of cabinet hardware is best for the space, the quality of the varnish and paints chosen, and more. A professional will have an eye for design that ensures you get the best products and services without the stress of learning new skills.

Essential Considerations in Cabinet Refacing Projects

Choosing a professional to take care of your cabinet refacing is essential, but there are several things to be aware of along the way. If you’re working toward modernizing your kitchen through cabinet refacing in Boulder, CO, make sure you consider all the items below:

  • Precisely Which Services Are Needed – Do you need cabinet refinishing or cabinet refacing? Are you looking to have your cabinets entirely replaced? Having an understanding of what your kitchen needs is the first thing to keep in mind. Refinishing is a process where the cabinets and drawers are cleaned, repainted, and restored. Refacing involves upgrading the cabinets with new doors, drawers, and hardware while keeping the initial layout.
  • Level of Experience of the Team – When you’re selecting a company to do cabinet refacing or refinishing, they must have the expertise and skill needed for your specific project. Choosing a company that is known in the Boulder, CO, area is always a good option. Look at other work that the company has done to see if their style and design fit your own taste.
  • Be Aware of Bonding and Licensing – Any top-notch cabinet refacing expert will have the proper business permits and credentials to handle the work in your area. It’s never a bad idea to check into these things to give yourself some peace of mind. Another useful tip is to choose a business that has appropriate insurance coverage. This helps protect you from liability if an accident occurs at your home.
  • Consider Several Budget Estimates – When the choice is between cabinet replacement or cabinet refacing with functional cabinets, it’s always going to be less expensive to choose the latter option. You can expect cabinet refacing to cost anywhere from 30 to 40% less than a full replacement. Make sure to get estimates from the professionals in Boulder, CO, so that you can get an idea of the average cost.
  • Safety Should be at the Forefront – When a contractor comes into your home kitchen to reface the cabinets, all of the other appliances should be protected throughout the process. The process can create dust and debris, especially during sanding and cleaning steps. Any great refacing company will be able to share with you how they’ll keep the area safe and clean for you and your family.
  • Guarantees and Options – A high-quality cabinet can last for decades; some remain in great shape for up to 50 years. Ensure you choose quality veneers and thick wood to ensure your cabinets will last as long as you need them to. Another thing to consider is whether the company doing the work offers a guarantee of services. If so, pay close attention to it and whether it covers the things most important to you.

A Modern Solution to Kitchen Aesthetic Needs: Cabinet Refacing in Boulder, Colorado 

If refacing is the right option for you and you follow the tips above, you’ll quickly get your project underway. Save yourself money and time by selecting an experienced company with the knowledge needed to truly transform your kitchen. You can enjoy the excitement of new cabinets without having to spend months on having new ones installed.

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