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Painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets is much less expensive than replacing cabinets. There are many color options from which to choose depending on personal preference and the latest trends. Popular colors such as classic white, gray, two-toned (different colors for upper and lower kitchen cabinets), and even dark blue or dark green are good choices. Professional color consultants can aid choices. Wood cabinets are the easiest to paint, but even laminate cabinets can be painted by using the proper techniques.

Reasons to Use a Professional to Paint Cabinets

The right tools and years of experience enable a professional to paint cabinets that will provide a classy look that will last for years because of the many steps professionals use that the homeowner might be tempted to skip. Painting can be time-consuming due to the many steps needed to produce an outcome that is pleasing and lasting. Hiring a professional ensures that the job is done on time and restores a kitchen to usability quickly. A professional can also advise on the best finish for the cabinets to get the best results. The professional paint tools used will assure a smooth, quality finish to be enjoyed for years to come. A professional makes sure that all areas that amateurs might miss are evenly covered.

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The prep work before painting eliminates imperfections that could cause paint to chip or peel. Professionals also use the highest-quality primers and acrylic paints and use a spray-on system that eliminates brush strokes for a smooth finish. The new finishes are durable and easy to clean.

Steps Needed to Paint Cabinets

  • Cleaning and degreasing to ensure the best adhesive surface
  • Removing hardware from cabinet fronts and drawers
  • Removing cabinet fronts and drawers
  • Sanding cabinet boxes
  • Filling imperfections
  • Priming the cabinets
  • Painting the cabinets
  • Reattaching cabinet fronts and drawers
  • Reattaching hardware or attaching new hardware

New Cabinet Colors Can Quickly and Easily Update a Kitchen or Bath

For a portion of the price of new cabinets, painting can change the entire look of a kitchen or bathroom. Another option is staining wood cabinets. Staining cabinets improves the feel and appearance of cabinets, while preserving the wood grain some people prefer. About 75% of owners prefer new paint; 25% prefer staining. Painting will give cabinets a cleaner, more on-trend appearance. Whether stained or painted with a new color, a unique finish can drastically enhance the appearance and feel of a kitchen or bathroom.

Cost of Painting Compared to Replacement

Generally, the cost of painting is about one third to one half that of replacing cabinets. Costs run from about $3 to $10 per square foot or $30 to $60 per linear foot. Costs could also be calculated as $100 per door, $25 per drawer and $75-$100 per cabinet. A professional cabinet painter will provide all the materials required for the job.

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A comprehensive project review by a professional can help you learn why a pro would be the best choice for your project. Contact Cabinet Refacing Trends in Colorado Springs, to request an estimate.


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