Average Costs for Cabinet Refacing in Colorado for 2021

Cabinet Refacing cost Colorado

Cabinet refacing is a process where your old cabinet drawer faces and doors are replaced with new models. The box of the cabinet also has a veneer applied to it, which can improve the appearance of the cabinets. When it comes to cabinets, the boxes are the most expensive and challenging to replace, so refacing offers a money-saving option over a full replacement.

Refacing also offers the option of changing your cabinet design, which can be a perk if the cabinets are outdated or no longer show off your personality. Replacing drawers, adding crown molding as trim, and even inserting glass panels can create cabinets you love. It’s all up to you what kind of extras you want to integrate.

Keep in mind that refacing cabinets is not the same as refinishing cabinets. With refacing, the doors and drawers are partially rebuilt, and the boxes are reskinned to offer a new design. When you go with refinishing, it only fixes minor damage and changes the color and stain on the cabinets you already have. Refacing falls in between refinishing and replacing your cabinets.

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Average Cost of Materials When Refacing Cabinets in Colorado

If you’re considering refacing to improve the aesthetic of your cabinets, you likely want to be aware of the cost before you dive into the process. On a national level, the average refacing project can cost from $1,000 up to $20,000. However, taking things down to the Colorado level changes things a bit. On average, if you’re going to be refacing the cabinets for a kitchen that is 120 square feet, it will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $3,000 in Colorado. However, if you choose to use a wood veneer, that can bump the price up to as high as $9,000. Adding in extra features or refacing a space of another size will also affect the price.

Material Options for Refacing Cabinets

When you choose new cabinets, you can select the materials you want them to be constructed out of. Refacing can also be done with several materials based on your needs. Some materials are best for specific styles, while others are ideal for all sorts of different aesthetics in your kitchen or bathroom.


One of the most common choices is plastic laminate refacing (also known as RTF or rigid thermofoil), which has a number of benefits. It’s one of the least expensive materials to use and can last for up to four decades with proper care. It’s also a durable material that can look nearly the same as natural wood. However, there are tradeoffs for choosing this inexpensive material. It’s not always the best choice for all areas, and it is quite susceptible to moisture. If there’s a lot of humidity present, it may start to swell. This refacing material typically costs about $60 to $70 per linear foot.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is more expensive than RTF, but it also offers benefits that make it useful in more situations. The veneer is thicker than RTF, and it can be easily used to cover substantial areas. When using a wood veneer for refacing in Colorado, there will be no nail holes or other blemishes to worry about. Also, this material is suitable to cover face frame cabinets. Choosing wood veneer does mean that you need to be careful about moisture, as it can start to delaminate if it gets wet. It also requires precise application by an expert with experience in the field. On average, wood veneer costs about $80 to $100 per linear foot.

Solid Hardwood

Another popular choice for refacing cabinets is solid hardwood. This is the most expensive choice, but it also gives you the greatest number of customization options. Since you can choose the wood grain and species that appeal to you, the cabinet refacing project offers exactly the look you’re trying to achieve. In addition, many lengths and sizes of wood are available for projects of any scope. The main downfall of hardwood cabinet refacing is that it’s expensive. This kind of refacing can cost between $200 and $500 per linear foot based on what type of wood you would like to work with. It’s also more difficult for a professional to work with this material, which may make labor costs higher than expected.

Other Materials

Some refacing companies will also offer other options for materials. These include MDF, 3D laminate, pressure-sensitive veneer, and plywood. The least expensive of the bunch is MDF at around $70 per linear foot, while the costliest is plywood at $100 to $150 per linear foot. Pressure-sensitive veneer and 3D laminate fall somewhere in between, and typically cost between $80 and $100 per linear foot.

The Process and Cost of Labor for Colorado Cabinet Refacing

While you may have decided on a finish, material, and door style for your refaced cabinets, that isn’t all you need to think about. When you’re having cabinets refaced, many different things have to be done on the labor side of things. Some of these will vary based on what material you choose for the refacing project. The first thing that is done with refacing is that your cabinets are measured on both the outside and inside. The current doors and boxes will also need to be examined. Sometimes a laminate or veneer face can be placed on the existing doors, while in other cases, an entirely new door may be required. Part of the labor process involves removing finishing materials such as veneers, toe kicks, and end panels. Next, your cabinets need to be cleaned, sanded, and otherwise prepared so the new finish can be added. The wood, veneer, or laminate is cut to fit the cabinet facing, stiles, toe kicks, and end panels. Depending on the materials, it may be nailed or glued into place. In many cases, the new finish or veneer will be coated with a protective substance to ensure the new finish lasts as long as possible. The doors of your cabinets will be reinstalled with a new veneer, or new doors and fronts can be installed. Any new cabinet hardware that you choose will also be placed at this time. Once completed, the cabinets are wiped out and cleaned, and you can move forward using the new cabinets you’ve paid for. But what about labor costs? The average price for labor on refacing cabinets is around $250 per linear foot, but this can vary based on the materials you use and how large your space is. Materials that are easier to install are going to have lower labor costs than materials that are more challenging to work with.

Additional Costs Associated with Cabinet Refacing

There are various improvements you can have made to your cabinets while refacing is occurring, but each of them is going to carry a cost. Some of these things are extraordinarily inexpensive, but others can add up quickly. You’ll want to consider all the options and decide which are must-haves for your situation during the planning process.

Replacing Cabinets

Even if your cabinets are in reasonable shape with only a few that should be replaced, the replacement will carry a cost. In most cases, it’s around $500 for a linear foot of new cabinets. Adding in 10 linear feet of new cabinets might cost approximately $5,000.

Refinishing Countertops

Some people who have laminate countertops may want to have them refinished at the same time as the cabinet refacing. On average, refacing or refinishing a laminate countertop will cost around $775.

Changing Out Hardware

It’s relatively common to change out the hardware when you reface your cabinets. For hinges, you can expect to pay from $1 to $25 each, while door knobs can range from $1 to $100 per knob, depending on the choices you make.

Additional Accessories

Sometimes you might want to add even more accessories to your cabinets. Choices like a lazy Susan for corner cabinets, sliding panels to hide trash cans, under-cabinet lighting, or moldings are all standard options. While not all refacing experts offer these options, having an approximate price ahead of time can help you budget for your project. Here are a few average costs:
  • Glass inserts – $400 per linear foot
  • Lazy Susans – $200 per unit
  • Moldings – $100 per linear foot
  • Sliding panels – $300 per panel
  • Under-cabinet lighting – $200 per light
  • Wine racks – $100 to $400 per unit

How to Get Cabinet Refinishing Done in Colorado

In most cases, homeowners will choose to bring in an expert to handle cabinet refacing, since it’s a challenging project to do on your own. When you’re looking for a company that does refacing in Colorado, you want to be sure the team is licensed and experienced with the process. Cabinet Refacing Trends is located in Colorado Springs and offers excellent value on all your cabinet refinishing needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and goods, our outstanding training program, and the affordability of our services. If you’re ready to learn more, you can reach us by phone at 719-217-4146 for a free estimate!


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